Innovation is one of our cornerstones.  Along with our customers we develop every product to be of the highest possible quality and most innovative in the market.
We are a manufacturer of Sails, Kites, Dinghy Sails and Tents for internationally recognized brand names, with 25 years of industry experience.

We offer high quality products where the high standard of quality is derived from the best raw materials, the utilization of latest technological innovations and comprehensive quality assurance practices installed in our production processes.

Our products are distributed worldwide to our international customers from our production base in Sri Lanka.

Global Sports Lanka was founded in 1983 as North Sails

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GSL was born in 1983 as North Sails, before being reincarnated in 2004 as Global Sports Lanka. We are today one of the leading suppliers of sails and kites to the international water sports industry.

The leisure sports industry at that time was catered to by two large factories, one factory was based in China and the other factory was our own. The rest of the production was done on a much smaller scale in lofts around the world, located in close proximity to popular sailing spots.

The technology employed in sail production was very basic, and initially sails were rudimentary products manufactured from cloth or film.
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